Diversify with Cashflowing Online Businesses 

Grow and protect your wealth by adding online businesses to your portfolio.

Invest in an asset class previously reserved only for large institutional investors

Digital assets that make money off advertising, digital marketing or selling merchandise online - were once only available to those in the know.

Now you can own a slice of businesses like that SaaS tool you love, the pet blog you read for training advice, or the Amazon store where you buy home decor, completely passively.

WebStreet Offers Investors

Passive Investments managed by handpicked professional portfolio managers with successful track records.

Fractional ownership of a diversified portfolio of online business to reduce the risk of any single point of failure.

20% projected average annual returns (see Summary of Terms below), with tremendous upside potential.


"Acquiring and growing small companies is a prime engine of wealth-creation. Webstreet's platform turns that into a quick way to invest, diversify and aim for unusually high returns. They're organized and helpful too!"

David P
San Francisco


“Simple & easy way to diversify into the e-commerce industry. Brief opportunity profiles with regular updates that provide insights to progress.” 

Chuck M.
Las Vegas


"I've been an investor with WebStreet since day 1, and all I can say is that with each round, they get better, faster, and stronger. The diligence and the quality of operator/fund selections are top notch, investor engagement and transparency is very high, and the team is made up of the utmost professionals. At this rate, I will continue to be a super fan for the long haul."


Available Investments

Our available investments include a diverse range of monetizations ranging from content sites, to amazon FBA stores, and Micro-Saas companies.

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Featured in

Own Real Assets

WebStreet enables you to own a slice of assets providing real value to customers.

Think everything from your favorite SaaS tool to an online luxury watch shop.

There are a lot of speculative assets out there, with WebStreet you get access to real, profitable businesses managed by industry experts.




Why Online Businesses?

Our Team

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*Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. Past performance does not guarantee or indicate future results. Any historical returns, expected returns, or probability projections may not reflect actual future performance.

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